Who Can Join the Group?

Who Can Join the Group at Ski Prix?

The Ski Prix group is open to anyone who can ski or snowboard or who thinks they might like to.

Since we are a mixed ability group, we are particularly interested in couples who are of differing skiing abilities or those who may have started skiing but now find themselves with no-one to ski with.

Age should also be no limitation. Trish and I are both in our 50’s and Trish only took up skiing a couple of years ago despite having had 3 major back operations!

So if you have every fancied trying skiing, are of any age or have been skiing before, sign up and see what we have to offer. Even if you would simply prefer to sit in the glorious sunshine of an Alpine village, sipping coffee (or wine..) until your partner returns from the slopes, you are more than welcome to join the group.

Everyone enjoys a bit of sunshine and apres-ski…

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