Snow & Rock Helmet Guide.

I never used to ski with a helmet. The thought never even occurred to me many years ago, when headwear was more about warmth than safety. Having started skiing again in earnest a few years ago however, it now seems that the majority of skiers are now wearing helmets and a number of high profile incidents have pushed the safety cause a bit further.

In Europe, the rules on helmets can vary. Some resorts won’t allow children on the mountain without one and others insist that adults wear a helmet when taking on more rugged routes.

I recently received an email from Snow & Rock outlining their guide to helmets and the range now available, including the SP-3 Airwolf pictured below.



At £165 it’s not particularly cheap, but if you’re going to wear a helmet, it might as well look good!

All of their helmets have been tested and certified to meet safety standards, some models offer extra impact protection for those taking on extreme terrain, while other focus on fit, comfort and ventilation.

The range can be found by clicking HERE.

I wouldn’t ski without a helmet these days, and it could be that you won’t be allowed to soon in some resorts…

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