Ski Prix Catered Chalet – Now Fully Booked!

Ski Prix Catered Chalet – Now Fully Booked!

Well there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good new is that the Ski Prix chalet holiday in Morzine has now been fully booked. The bad news, for anybody who wanted to join us, is that all the places have now been taken…

Don’t despair though, there are still some other great value skiing holidays available for this winter, and Ski Prix will be booking another couple of chalets for 2017!

If you’d like to join us next season for another great catered chalet holiday, simply register your interest (with no obligation) and we’ll let you know as soon as next years chalets have been reserved and we’re ready to take bookings.


It’s snowed in the France Alps recently and there’s supposed to be loads more on the way. There’s only a month or so to go until the Ski Prix Mixed Ability catered chalet skiing and snowboarding holiday in Morzine. We are a mixed age  and ability group of skiers and snowboarders, from complete beginners in their 20s and 50s through to experienced skiers and snowboarders. Email us for more details

From 20th March until 27th March 2016 we’ll be at Chalet Coeurs in Morzine, just a short transfer from Geneva Airport. There has already been a flurry of snow over the Alps and the exchange rate between the Euro and the Pound is still looking good.

Chalet Coeurs is a catered chalet an includes the following:
  • Full Chalet catering
  • Cooked and continental breakfast
  • Freshly baked afternoon tea
  • Evening aperitif
  • 3-course evening meal
  • Choice of quality bottled wines or beer
  • Experienced resort management team
  • Airport Transfers from Geneva
  • Professional and friendly chalet hosts
  • Free WiFi
  • DVD/CD player
  • Smartphone docking station
  • Board games Library
Other features of the chalet:
  • 50 metres to free ski bus
  • Outdoor hot-tub
  • Sauna
  • In-chalet massage (1 hour included in price)
  • In resort driver service
  • En-suite rooms
  • Triple rooms
  • Parking
  • Free WiFi

We’ve also managed to arrange free wine and beer in the afternoons when we get back from the slopes (normally only available with dinner) and our price includes transfers from Geneva Airport, normally around £50 per person!

This doesn’t include flights but easyJet fly frequently to Geneva from many UK airports. This also doesn’t include lift passes, ski or snowboard hire or lessons, but we can book all these for you if you let us know your requirements.

Click the button below to register your interest for next season and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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Further details on the chalet can be found by clicking here.


Chill Factore 5 Day Sale!

Chill Factore 5 Day Sale!

Chill-FactoreChill Factore in Manchester are at it again! They’ve just announced another 5 day sale giving some great savings on both lift passes and lessons.

Situated near the Trafford Centre on the outskirts of Manchester and with easy motorway access, Chill Factore is the North West’s premier indoor ski slope and is well worth a visit.

Chill Factore 5 Day Sale

This sale means you can get an hours lift pass for just £16.99, 2 hours for £21.99 and a whole 4 hours for just £26.99!

Don’t forget, the price for the lift pass includes all equipment hire, so all you need to supply is warm clothing and a pair of gloves!

Ski and Snowboard lessons are now from just £99 and Snow Park prices are also reduced. Although the sale only lasts for 5 days, you can book right through until the end of February.

Holiday Flights

Holiday Flights

Holiday FlightsThere are still a host of holiday flights available from the UK to Geneva for the Ski Prix Chalet Holiday in March.

Obviously the budget airlines are better value and have a very large choice of flights, although costs vary greatly throughout the country.

For comparison I’ve also included British Airways and Swiss International Airlines, although any flights to the Swiss side of Geneva airport would entail getting through to the French side for the transfer to resort.

Of course it is still possible to use flight search engines such as Skyscanner or Netflights to find the best deals.

20 Mar 2016easyJetManchester07.05Geneva10.00£33.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetManchester13.10Geneva16.05£45.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLiverpool06.00Geneva08.45£25.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLiverpool09.55Geneva12.45£37.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLiverpool13.30Geneva16.20£29.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLiverpool17.55Geneva20.45£25.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLuton06.05Geneva08.45£31.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLuton07.05Geneva09.45£31.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLuton08.10Geneva10.45£38.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLuton13.50Geneva16.30£36.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLuton17.15Geneva19.55£35.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLuton18.30Geneva21.10£32.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetStansted07.35Geneva10.20£49.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetStansted13.20Geneva16.05£38.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetStansted15.00Geneva17.45£31.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBelfast07.45Geneva11.00£111.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBrimingham11.50Geneva14.35£63.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBrimingham15.20Geneva18.05£26.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBrimingham18.10Geneva20.55£25.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBristol07.00Geneva09.40£95.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBristol12.30Geneva15.10£61.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBristol13.05Geneva15.45£54.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetBristol17.50Geneva20.30£36.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetEdinburgh06.30Geneva09.45£36.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetEdinburgh12.25Geneva15.35£115.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetGlasgow08.00Geneva11.20£40.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLeeds Bradford12.35Geneva15.25£26.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick06.15Geneva08.50£43.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick08.15Geneva10.45£46.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick09.15Geneva11.50£75.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick10.45Geneva13.20£63.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick12.00Geneva14.35£57.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick14.25Geneva17.00£53.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick16.30Geneva19.05£53.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick17.30Geneva20.05£60.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick18.20Geneva20.55£55.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick19.55Geneva22.30£45.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Gatwick20.20Geneva22.55£41.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Southend06.25Geneva09.05£23.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetLondon Southend13.00Geneva15.40£25.49
20 Mar 2016easyJetNewcastle07.05Geneva10.10£35.49
20 Mar 2016MonarchLondon Gatwick07.05Geneva09.55£39
20 Mar 2016MonarchLondon Gatwick07.55Geneva10.45£44
20 Mar 2016MonarchManchester06.30Geneva09.30£29.14
20 Mar 2016Jet2Leeds Bradford08.20Geneva11.30£63
20 Mar 2016Jet2Manchester06.45Geneva09.55£64.8
20 Mar 2016Jet2Manchester16.00Geneva19.10£29.7
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Gatwick06.10Geneva08.45£54
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Gatwick07.25Geneva10.10£84
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Gatwick10.20Geneva13.15£169
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Gatwick11.10Geneva13.55£84
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Gatwick14.45Geneva17.25£54
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow07.00Geneva09.40£91
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow08.35Geneva11.15£114
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow09.40Geneva12.25£150
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow11.00Geneva13.45£114
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow11.40Geneva14.25£114
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow12.45Geneva15.25£91
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow14.10Geneva16.55£91
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow15.00Geneva17.45£75
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow16.15Geneva19.00£75
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow16.25Geneva19.05£75
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon Heathrow19.15Geneva21.50£47
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon City Airport12.40Geneva15.15£95
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon City Airport17.20Geneva19.55£45
20 Mar 2016British AirwaysLondon City Airport19.00Geneva21.40£45
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow07.00Geneva09.35£91
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow08.55Geneva11.35£152
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow14.10Geneva16.50£99
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow14.25Geneva17.05£106
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow16.20Geneva18.55£59
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow17.20Geneva20.00£76
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow19.15Geneva22.00£99
20 Mar 2016SwissLondon Heathrow19.30Geneva22.05£63
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva17.00Manchester17.55£119.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva22.05Manchester23.00£82.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva10.25Liverpool11.20£90.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva16.50Liverpool17.45£110.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva11.40Luton12.15£58.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva15.00Luton15.35£77.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva17.10Luton17.45£86.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva21.35Luton22.10£93.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva10.25Stansted11.05£56.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva14.05Stansted14.45£72.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva21.25Stansted22.05£110.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva11.45Belfast13.00£178.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva10.15Birmingham11.10£126.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva10.50Bristol11.30£65.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva12.15Bristol12.55£82.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva16.55Bristol17.30£70.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva21.20Bristol22.00£51.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva11.00Edinburgh12.10£132.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva17.35Edinburgh18.45£99.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva12.00Glasgow13.20£86.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva09.55London Gatwick10.25£82.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva11.00London Gatwick11.30£68.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva13.00London Gatwick13.30£107.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva16.00London Gatwick16.30£110.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva16.55London Gatwick17.25£86.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva19.10London Gatwick19.40£84.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva21.45London Gatwick22.15£103.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva11.20London Southend11.55£51.49
27 Mar 2016easyJetGeneva15.25Newcastle16.30£56.49
27 Mar 2016MonarchGeneva11.10London Gatwick11.55£54
27 Mar 2016MonarchGeneva11.55London Gatwick12.45£59
27 Mar 2016Jet2Geneva12.00Leeds Bradford13.00£77.4
27 Mar 2016Jet2Geneva11.00Manchester12.00£156.6
27 Mar 2016Jet2Geneva19.55Manchester21.05£86.4
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva11.35London Gatwick12.20£68
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva13.25London Gatwick14.10£120
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva21.15London Gatwick22.00£84
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva07.30London Heathrow08.15£82
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva10.10London Heathrow11.00£141
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva11.50London Heathrow12.40£190
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva13.35London Heathrow14.20£232
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva15.05London Heathrow15.50£190
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva17.35London Heathrow18.15£232
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva18.35London Heathrow19.20£232
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva21.15London Heathrow21.50£141
27 Mar 2016British AirwaysGeneva17.45London City Airport18.20£105
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva07.30London Heathrow08.15£65
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva12.55London Heathrow13.40£95
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva13.40London Heathrow14.20£80
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva13.55London Heathrow14.40£63
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva15.50London Heathrow16.35£80
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva17.50London Heathrow18.30£80
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva18.15London Heathrow18.55£80
27 Mar 2016SwissGeneva20.50London Heathrow21.30£126