Airport Parking

Airport Parking Offer from Groupon

Airport Parking Offer from Groupon

Groupon Airport ParkingWhere ever you’re flying from, the chances are that you’ll need Airport Parking. Groupon have announced an offer that could be especially useful if your flight is early in the morning and you have quite a drive to the airport, meaning starting out possibly 3 hours before your flight’s due to depart.

The offer is with ‘Britannia Hotels‘ and is for 8 nights parking and includes 1 night at the hotel for 2, with a free bottle of wine when you arrive and breakfast the following morning. The price for 8 days parking is from £65 and there is also a 15 day option with prices from £85, depending on location. It’s also worth checking the small print as some dates are excluded depending on the hotel chosen.

Given that this doesn’t however include transfers to and  from the airport, you’d have to factor in the cost of a taxi, although some hotels do run regular transfer services.

JetParks Airport ParkingAs an example, parking costs from the Manchester Airport official site (for a sample date ) range from £26 with JetParks with a 15 minute transfer, to £70 onsite parking in the multi-storey. Great if your flight is at a reasonable time, but still not great if you need to get to the airport very early.

Another company worth checking out is ‘Purple Parking’ who offer parking services through the UK and also have a range of hotel and parking options from £61 with parking only from £26. With number plate recognition at the entry to the car parks, the service is simplicity itself to use and there are several options from on-site parking to meet and greet services.


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