60% off Salomon & Atomic Ski Boots from Snow+Rock

60% off Salomon and Atomic Ski Boots

Snow+Rock have a great off at the moment. 60% off Salomon and Atomic Ski boots – but you can bet this offer won’t hang around for long!

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Alpine Elements 2017 Bookings

Alpine Elements 2017 Bookings

Alpine-ElementsAlpine Elements are now taking booking for the 2016/17 skiing season with £100pp off all advertised prices. There are also 1/2 price passes on selected holidays, saving you up to a further £108 per person.

Simply use the code ‘SKI2017’ at checkout and the discount will be applied. A few examples are shown below and all the prices below include London flights and transfers to and from the resorts. Higher prices generally refer to high season dates with better snow conditions.


  • Chalet Hotel Le Pramecou from £476pp
  • Chalet Trafalgar from £537pp

Val d’Isere

  • Chalet Hotel Fjord from £545pp

La Tania

  • Hotel Montana from £519pp

La Plagne

  • Chalet Gameaux from £538pp
  • Chalet Bonlieu from £547pp
  • Chalet Cretier from £547pp
  • Chalet Deneriaz from £547pp
  • Chalet Montillet from £547pp
  • Chalet Piccard from £547pp

Les Arcs

  • Chalet Haute Neiges from £530pp
  • Chalet Michael from £546pp


  • Chalet La Grange from £490pp
  • Chalet Fleur Des Alpes from £515pp
  • Chalet Marcelle from £516pp
  • Chalet Nathalie from £516pp
  • Chalet Jolie from £523pp
  • Chalet Martine from £529pp

Alpine Elements Contact

This is just a very small sample of prices and the offer ends 15th April!

Ryanair Flight Money Saving Tips

Ryanair Flight Money Saving Tips

Whilst Ryanair is supposed to be a ‘low-cost’ airline, it’s draconian rules and additions mean that it’s very easy for the price of your flight to increase very rapidly.

Mere are some tips from ‘MoneySavingExpert which can help keep your flight prices closer to the quoted costs when you first book

1. Cut baggage costs if travelling with children under 16

If you’re travelling with children aged 15 or under and you check in hold luggage, you get 50% off the cost of checking in their cases, but only when you book. So if you and your partner are travelling with children, book one hold case in your name and the second in the name of one of your children. This will give you 50% off the cost of getting the second case on the flight. This is automatic as long as you add the luggage at the time of booking, and the children must be on the same booking as you. See Ryanair 50% off for kids for more details

2. Make sure you follow Ryanair rules to the letter.

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary is reputed to have stated that passengers who pay because they forgot to print off their boarding passes are ‘idiots’. This gives you an idea of the general character of the airline. Make sure hand luggage is the right size and you have all the documentation you require before you get to the airport.

3. Check if booking single flights is cheaper.

Sometimes it may be cheaper to book the flight s from the country you are travelling from. For instance, booking a single flight from the UK to Italy and another single flight back from Italy to the UK (paying in Euros) may be cheaper that buying a return ticket in sterling. To find the Ryanair site for your destination country simply substitute the country code at the end of the website address. For instance ‘.com/en’ is for England and ‘.com/it’ is for italy. Alist of the codes can be found here.

4. Always check-in online and print or download your boarding pass.

If you turn up at the airport and haven’t checked in or haven’t printed off your boarding passes (or down loaded them to your phone using the Ryanair App) you could well pay more than the cost of the flight for these simple bits of paper. Checking in costs £45 and printing off a boarding pass a further £15 meaning for a family of 4, that’s a total extra of £240!

5. Unless you pay, you can’t guarantee seats together.

Although Ryanair says that they will try to seat everyone together, the only way to make sure is to buy the seats when you book, costing between £8 and £15 per seat. You can of course chance it and hope that there are enough seats together when you check in, but you could end up sitting rows away from the rest of your party. Some may argue that this may be a good thing….

6. Airports are miles (and miles) from the stated cities.

It always amazes me how airlines can fly to a ‘city’ but the airport can be miles and miles away, meaning you have to factor in the cost of travelling to and from the airport. See the table below for some examples. It may end up cheaper to fly with another airline that actually flys to the stated location rather than somewhere that could be nearly 100 miles away..

AirportDistance from City CtrReturn Cost
Barcelona Reus65 miles@£17 by bus
Dusseldorf Weeze50 miles@£24 by bus
Frankfurt Hann75 miles@£22 by bus online in advance
@£30 by bus normally
London Stansted40 miles£19 by coach online
£24 by train in advance
London Luton40 miles£18 by coach online
Oslo Torp Sandefjord75 miles@£37 by bus
Stockholm Skavsta70 miles@£24 by bus online

7. Pay in advance for hold baggage.

If you can get away with just hand luggage on budget flights, all well and good, but if you need to take hold baggage make sure that you book any hold baggage early, and definitely before you get to the airport. You’ll have to pay for hold baggage anyway, but paying up front costs from £15 per bag. Wait until you get to the airport and that rises to between £45 and £80 per bag… each way! Forget to pre-book a couple of hold bags and there’s a potential extra £320.

8. Watch your hand luggage weight and size.

Ryanair can be very strict when it comes to hand luggage. While easyJet allow bags 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, Ryanair restrictions are 55cm x 40cm x 20cm with a 10kg weight limit. It’s not unheard of for tape measures to be produced if they think your hand luggage is over-sized. Strangely, you are allowed a second item of hand luggage 35cm x 20cm x 20cm with no weight limit.

  • Stick to the carry-on rules
  • Pack small heavy items in your smaller hand luggage bag
  • Take soft hand luggage which can be compressed to size
  • Buy cheap lightweight cases
  • Include wheel and handles when measuring luggage or you could be hit with an £80 penalty if it goes in the hold.
  • leave space for extra items on your return.

9. Wear your luggage.

The more you can carry on you the less you have to put in valuable hand luggage space. Coats with large deep pockets are ideal and there are specialist multi pocketed jackets available, always useful for keeping passports and boarding card readily available. You can always wear heavy items of clothing – skiing jackets spring to mind, which can be bulky as well as heavy in some cases. You may get a few strange looks wearing your salopettes onto the flight though..

10. Board early to stay near your hand luggage.

If you don’t get on the flight early, you could risk there being no overhead locker space near your selected seat. This could mean you and your luggage are separated during the flight – inconvenient if you need something and even more so when you’re trying to get off the plane. If you don’t need your hand luggage on the flight, I’ve always found it convenient to stick it in the first empty locker when moving up the plane. It might annoy other passengers but means a quick and easy way to collect your bags when you’re getting off the flight.

11. Correct small errors early

Check and check again that you have the right details when you book. You only have a 24 window to change small errors and only if you book directly with Ryanair. Changes to the booking after this time can be very costly. There’s a £60 fee per flight to change the date or route (£90 at the airport) and to change the name on a ticket is £110 per flight (or £160 at the airport). Quite often it would be cheaper to cut your losses and just book another flight rather than pay the change fees..

12. Sign up for alerts.

Like most airlines, flights tend to be cheapest when they are dates and times are first released, although this depends on demand for the particular flight. You can sign up with Ryanair for alerts to notify you when tickets for your chosen route and dates become available. Having said that, recent studies have shown that passengers buying tickets at least 7 weeks in advance pay more, and prices rise again between 50% and 75% in the last few days before the flight. If you can afford to be flexible on dates, it would appear that the cheapest tickets are available exactly 10 days before departure. It’s obviously still safer however to book in advance.

13. Avoid extras like car hire and hotels.

Always check prices for car hire an hotels independently. Ryanair, like most other budget airlines, will encourage you to buy extras through them, such as car hire, hotels and travel insurance. While it may be convenient it is often more expensive, especially when it comes to travel insurance, so check prices on comparison websites before you book with the airline.

14. Check your documentation.

If you don’t hold an EU/EEA passport or identity card you need to show your documents to someone on the Ryanair visa/document check desk, BEFORE you go through security. If you don’t have their stamp on them they reserve the right to refuse travel.

15. Pack a Picnic

Rather than pay extortionate prices for in-flight food, why not pack a picnic? Most UK airports have a Boots after security where you can buy a very reasonably priced meal deal – an example includes a sandwich a snack and a drink for just £4. On budget flights just the sandwich can be in the region of £4.50 on it’s own. You can of course always create your own food to take on board with you, but remember that you can’t take liquids more than 100ml through security.

16. Don’t assume Ryanair is the cheapest.

All budget airlines will try to convince you that they are the cheapest so it’s well worth checking around before you book. It’s not unknown for travellers living near Edinburgh airport to travel to Liverpool to take advantage of the far cheaper flights, so be prepared to consider travelling to a cheaper airport if you need to. Factoring in all the additional costs and risk associated with using Ryanair it is always worth shopping around.