SnowHeads OktoberTest Ski Testing Sessions

SnowHeads OktoberTest Ski Testing Sessions.


SnowHeads have announce a return of last years OktoberTest ski testing event, to be held in The SnowCentre in Hemel Hempstead and Chill Factore in Manchester on consecutive days.


OktoberTest is a chance to celebrate the coming of Winter by getting together with other snowHeads at a snowy place, all excused by the ‘serious business’ of trying out new skis.

Seriously though, it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a go on a variety of skis in a controlled environment. It’s amazing how different, differing skis feel from each other. And don’t think, ‘I don’t have the experience to tell.’ Trust me, if you’ve spent even as little as 2 weeks on skis, you’ll feel the difference!

What’s more, it teaches you a lot about your own skiing too as, in these circumstances, it quickly becomes clear what is the ski and what is you: not so easy to figure out when you’re dished out some random pair of hire skis that may or may not have been serviced properly and you’re stuck with them for a week wondering why you can’t ski like you did last time (hint: it’s probably not you!)

There’s no expectation to buy, no hard-sell – in fact there’s not really any selling at all as most of the brands are represented by their distributors rather than retailers so they’re mainly interested in chatting about their kit and hearing about your experience with the skis. If you find something you fall in love with, they’ll be able to direct you toward a suitable retailer, of course. (And even if you choose not to test skis at all, it’s a cheap way to get on snow with a bunch of other snowHeads for a few hours fun)

OktoberTest was great fun last year: quite a party. It was the first time we tried doing Hemel and Manchester on the same weekend and with a little last minute back-up from our friends at Ellis Brigham, it went really rather well, so that’s the plan again this year.

OktoberTest South:

17:00 to 21:00 on Sat 08 Oct 2016, The SnowCentre Hemel Hempstead

OktoberTest North:

14:00 to 18:00 on Sun 09 Oct 2016, Chill Factore Manchester
Price £35 for the 4 hours – discounted for super-snowHeads

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