Christmas Chalet from Silver Ski – Adults Only!

Christmas Chalet from Silver Ski – Adults Only!

Silver Ski holiday offersSilver Ski have released details of an Adults Only Christmas chalet offer for only £499pp.

Details are shown below:

Chalet Brigitte, La Tania

Adults only

Christmas Week –

19 December

JUST £499pp

Includes flights*, transfers, accommodation, breakfast, afternoon tea and three course evening meal with unlimited wine (you dine out at your own expense on our staff day off)

* Flights available from Gatwick – plus just 5 seats available from Manchester

Call 01622 735544


Taking Bailey Skiing Next Year?

Taking Bailey Skiing Next Year?

My wife and I have been skiing for a couple of years now and usually fly to Geneva from whichever airport has been closest at the time.

We recently bought a Bailey Approach Autograph 625 and are seriously considering driving down to the ski resorts next year for a weeks fun in the snow.

Morzine Slope

We’ve got flights booked already for January and it’s probably too expensive for anyone else to buy the flight from us and change the names, so we’ll probably be going out then anyway, but will definitely be travelling over the Channel next year. Whether it’s skiing in March or just touring in summer remains to be seen.

Has anyone driven to the resort and survived in a motorhome while on a skiing holiday in the Alps?

  • Any recommendations for stop-overs on the way down?
  • Are there any tour companies that run ‘convoys’ down the the Alps? If not, why not? 🙂
  • What, if any, are the recommended routes to the Alps?
  • Any recommendations for a place to moor up for a week? We were thinking Morzine as we’ve been there a couple  of times before and know the resort.
  • What are the legal requirements for tyres and snow chains etc?
  • What are the main things we should be taking with us?
  • Is there a ski rack conversion for a bike rack?
  • What’s the recommended way to cross the Channel these days given the current problems near Calais, Eurostar or one of the ferries?

Any advice would of course be most welcomed and we’ll be posting updates as and when the planning gets underway.


Winter Footwear Deals From Trespass

Winter Footwear Deals From Trespass

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